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LovEvE. Welcomes You

About LovEvE.

All LovEvE soaps are Hand Crafted,

they are all Infused with Natural Essential Oils, Flowers, Herbs,

Crystals & Charged with Reiki Healing Energies

A Healing Crystal that you get to keep

All LovEve Soap Products are

*Paraben Free

*Sulfate Free

*Preservative Free

*Polyethylene Glycol Free (PEG)

*Cruelty Free


*Plastic Free

*No Waste

*Made with Love & Light & Healing Energies


*Flowers, fruit peels,

herbs used will bleed into the soap eventually,

 releasing the natural components changing the transparency of the clear based soap*

*All Animals are Loved even more in the process of making LovEvE Soaps*

Bespoke & Handcrafted to order Block Heart Bar Hand Soap Travel Soap...

Handcrafted Vegan Artisan Soap Block..


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I dont think i've ever been in love with a soap before but these are simply gorgeous in every way! Cannot wait to release the crystal in the center but equally i dont want to use up the soap, hey ho an excuse to buy more (As if you needed one).

Emma Green

Recommends LovEvE: "love the mud face mask use it in the bath...leaves my skin feeling soft & radiant! Also the Shea Butter soap smells so nice & skin feels lovely after!

Ari Kerrell

Recommends LovEvE: "Beautiful products made by a beautiful lady ❤️"

Lee-Anne Baker

Recommends LovEvE: I hhave just picked up a LovEvE goodie bag from LovEvE soaps. They are simply fantastic. Amazing quality organic aromatherapy soaps with beautiful crystals inside. Wow.

Al Vincent